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                  Solar street lamp installation step battery system

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                  Solar street lamp installation step battery system

                  Release date:2017-03-04 Author:臨潼維寧 Click:

                  Foundation pouring

                  The determination of lamp position; geological investigation, if the surface is 1 meters 2 soft soil, the depth of excavation shall be deepened so; at the same time to confirm the location of the following excavation without other facilities (such as cables, pipes etc), long time no lights at the top of shading objects, or to change the appropriate position.

                  In the vertical position for lamps (Kai Wa) with the standard 1 meter 3 pit; embed parts pouring location. The embedded parts placed in the square pit middle PVC threading pipe is placed in the middle, the other end embedded in the storage battery (pictured above). Keep the embedded parts, foundation and ground on the same level (or screw top and ground on the same level, according to the site required), one side to parallel with the road; so can ensure pole erected but not correct deviation. Then C20 concrete pouring fixed, pouring process, or to stop the vibration rod vibration, to ensure the overall compactness, firmness.

                  3 construction is completed, timely cleaning on the positioning plate residual sludge, waste oil and impurities on the cleaning bolt.

                  The concrete solidification process, regular watering maintenance; after the concrete is solidified completely (usually 72 hours), in order to install chandelier.

                  Battery pack installation

                  The solar panel output negative pole connected to the controller in front to take measures to avoid short circuit;

                  The solar cell module is connected with a bracket to be reliable;

                  The output line 3 components should be avoided and bare, with a tie fastened;

                  The battery pack to move toward the south, with the compass point prevail.

                  Battery installation

                  The battery in the control box must be handled with care to prevent damage control box;

                  The connecting line between the battery must be used bolt pressure in the terminal of the battery and the use of copper gasket to enhance the conductivity;

                  C. the output line is connected with the battery in any case against short circuit, to avoid damage to the battery;

                  Must pass the PVC threading pipe connected to the battery controller output line and the poles in the;

                  The procedure is completed, check wiring controller and prevent circuit. Normally close the door of the control box.

                  Lamp installation

                  The parts assembly is fixed: the sun plate is fixed on the solar panel bracket, lamp holder fixed to the cantilever, and the bracket and the cantilever is fixed to the main rod, and the connecting wire threading to the control box (battery box).

                  Before the lifting pole, first check the various parts of the fasteners are firm, whether the correct installation of the lamp holder, the light source is working properly. And then work in a simple debugging system is normal; release the controller board on the sun, the light source.

                  3 main pole lifting, Caution! Prevention; screw fastening components such as the absolute good, Chaoyang angle deviation, need to adjust its direction towards the end of the Chaoyang South completely.

                  The battery into the battery box, in accordance with the technical requirements of the connecting wire is connected to the controller; the first battery, then the load, then the solar panel wiring; the operation must pay attention to the terminal can indicate various wiring and controller on the ground, both positive and negative polarity cannot bump, cannot be reversed; otherwise the controller will damaged.

                  The debugging system is working properly; release the controller of solar panels connected line lights; connect the solar panel connecting line, the lights at the same time; careful observation of each indicator controller; everything is normal, can seal the control box.


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