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                  Address: Hong Sheng Jie West District of Liaoning city of Yingkou province No. 33

                  URL: www.zubaidazang.com

                  Telephone: 0417-6615361

                  Fax: 0417-6615345

                  Mobile: 18841745500

                  Email: cleanworth@ltwn.cn


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                  Lintong science and technology is located in Liaoning province Bohai five point line coastal industrial base, national hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Yingkou Lintong myth of Amperex Technology Limited and Yingkou communications equipment Co. Ltd. two subsidiary company. The company is the country and the world's only a set of multi energy complementary, LED energy, wind energy and solar energy, biomass, energy and air control system of product development, production, application, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises; is the world first-class smart energy application technology solutions provider; science and Technology Edition of listed companies.

                  Lintong science and technology always adhere to the core driving force for technological innovation as the enterprise, and Beijing Institute of Technology, Shenyang University of Technology and other colleges and universities to build a joint R &amp; D center and production base. Has a wisdom of the energy industry, the most advanced to doctoral, master as the main product development team. Existing R &amp; D personnel 28 people, with a patent of 23. The company has a number of R &amp; D centers and the only wind tunnel key laboratory. LED product R &amp; D and design center, photovoltaic engineering technology research and development center, solar hot water and biomass intelligent R &amp; D center, control system research and development center, intelligent energy complementary technology development center. Companies from abroad to introduce high-end LED production lines, solar production lines, with independent research and development of a complete fan production line and biomass intelligent production line.

                  Lintong KingSun technology and other famous enterprises of the industry reached a strategic partner, is mobile, Unicom and other 500 enterprises product suppliers, in 2014 to become the National Tower company of provincial listed enterprises. In 2015, it was awarded the director of China clean energy construction application technology alliance, and participated in the development of clean energy industry standards. The company has EMC energy saving, PPP, EPC turnkey and other forms of government procurement projects in a number of successful. Smart home series, which is a mobile client can remotely control everything in the home, so that our family life more secure, energy saving, convenient and comfortable.

                  The main products of Lintong science and technology: LED lighting products, the vertical axis wind power generator and biomass intelligent heating stove, intelligent air conditioning, biomass biomass burning machine, intelligent scenery complementary power supply system, independent photovoltaic system, solar LED street lamp system, integrated hot water heating system, intelligent solar water heater intelligent heating system, intelligent WIFI control LED security lights, LED display, scenery complementary control inverter and control of power system power supply, and provide consulting service, grid application, system design, technical support and other services hosting operations. Products through CQC, IEC, CE and VDE, CAS, TUV and other international authoritative certification, sold to domestic and foreign.

                  Lintong science and technology as a smart energy multi energy complementary national and global technology leader, will help the future of intelligent control, intelligent sensing, cloud computing, big data and energy management technology, and actively build global wisdom energy blueprint, promote the traditional wisdom energy change, join hands to create intelligent, clean, low carbon city new life wisdom.

                  Lintong science and technology is committed to creating the most complete intelligent energy complementary industrial chain, shaping the most competitive international brands, to create a hundred years of intelligent energy companies.